How to Blossom For Spring


Spring is all about sexiness, and proving to another person that you are worthy of mating and maybe some day taking lamaze classes. For your face that means a youthful glow, lashes aplenty, and eyelids loaded with color. I asked Sue Devitt, creator of Sue Devitt Beauty, for her top five tips (and tricks) for achieving the perfect spring face. Read, learn, and be your biological best.

Perfected Pout: For sexy lips, try my buffing technique. “Buff” the lips with a wax-based lip pencil, which means applying the pencil with light feathering strokes around the lip line, blending towards the center.  Then apply a matte or sheer lipstick evenly all over lips with a lip brush. This delivers maximum pigment and long-lasting color and you avoid that harsh, dark lip liner look. Beware, lipsticks that tout themselves as long-lasting tend to be ultra- drying to the lips, and you want to avoid anything that is going to draw moisture from the lips. A wax-based long-lasting lip pencil is a much better alternative. It enhances a clean, crisp lipstick color.
Eye-Popping Color
: To make eyes really stand out, use colors that compliment and intensify your own natural eye color. Stay away from dull or flat tones, and experiment with rich eye shadow color in jewel tones or lavender and lilac shades that work to compliment all eye colors. If neutrals feel more comfortable, try rich, sultry earthy shades like deep red brick and dark smoky bark. After applying the shadow, you can intensify the color even further by smudging an eye intensifier pencil along the top and bottom of the lash line. That’s how I create dramatic eyes for the red carpet.

Lash Out: Always curl lashes before applying several coats of amplifying mascara–this combination is the key to long lasting lashes that stand up to any condition. Once you take the wand out, dab the end of the brush onto a tissue to take off any clumps. When applying mascara, really start at the base of the lashes and dig the color in. Then bring the brush all the way to the tips. 

Stand Corrected: Tired, puffy eyes just will not do! To look like you’ve had a full eights hours of rest, here’s my signature trick: apply concealer after you’ve applied all other makeup, including foundation. And use it sparingly. You especially want to use a creamy peach-hued concealer that is water- or oil-based, because the peach tones will counteract the greens and blues of dark circles. Finally I set with loose powder for full coverage that doesn’t appear too cakey.
For a Healthy Glo
w: The key to achieving a sun-kissed glow is to create depth by layering product. Begin by applying a bronzing powder to the face, paying special attention to the apples of the cheeks, chin, and forehead. Next, apply a bronzing lotion such as a tinted body moisturizer. This will help create the depth of a true tan. Finally, finish by highlighting key areas. Apply a hint of shimmer high on the cheek bones, collar bone, and temple to complete this look.

Sarah Howard is the editor of Beauty Banter.