Spencer Pratt Pairs Some Healing Crystals with Six of this Season’s Most Vibrational Sandals

Spencer Pratt photographed by Bella Newman.

As an Angeleno, Spencer Pratt knows it’s never the wrong time for the right sandal. As the founder of Pratt Daddy, his line of healing crystals, the former star of MTV’s The Hills also knows how to pair a mystic rock with any ailment you might be facing for karmic re-alignment. Who better then, we decided, to pair Southern California footwear vibes with spiritual stones? As Pratt’s fame-making reality show returns for its highly-anticipated reboot (which we previewed in our March issue), we called him for a quick consultation on the best and brightest “mandals” of the moment and their crystal pairings. Below, Spencer’s picks for sartorial healing, success, abundance, intuition, and grounding.



“This pairing I chose because I thought color-wise it was a close match. I also chose it because citrine has a very distinctive and recognizable golden-yellow color, and there is no more recognizable print than the Burberry tartan plaid. They both stand out as staples.”



“Rutilated Quartz is a stone that promotes awareness of the world and we immediately thought to pair it with these Fumito Ganryu sandals, as they were a part of a collection where Ganryu wanted to create clothing for people to ‘protect themselves from water — in order to be nearer to it.’”


GUCCI, $490


“Spencer’s favorite label deserves Spencer’s favorite crystal. Green and pink may be an unconventional color pairing but it definitely works! Kunzite is the stone of unconditional love so you will definitely feel the love while wearing this duo.”


RICK OWENS, $1,180

“The ridges and dents in black tourmaline give the crystal a distinct look from any other crystal, and the imperfections are what make this crystal perfect. That being said, Rick Owens is a designer that focuses on avant-garde fashion, and black tourmaline is essentially the avant-garde of crystals.”



“This pairing is fitting because, like the sandals, the Gold Rutilated Quartz has very unique marks — like the leopard print on the sandal. Gold Rutilated Quartz also promotes creativity and joy, and looking at the sandals, those were feelings I felt.”



“The Hurricane XLT2s pair perfectly with a Quartz. It is believed that in ancient times Quartz was dipped in water to charge the water with healing powers. This ‘water-ready’ sandal would be a perfect fit for Quartz.”