Siki Im

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“This season is about an era that’s not really my favorite,” Siki Im warned us backstage shortly before his Fall 2014 show. That era was the ’70s, though you wouldn’t quite know it looking at the clothes. Sure, there were flared pants and funky clogs, but they didn’t riff on the same groovy idea of the decade that fashion reimagines most often. “The ‘70s came with a lot of cool stuff: Kraftwerk music, New Wave, punk rock—not just ABBA,” Im joked. Inspired by that alternative, more industrial image, the collection was stocked with hardcore leather jackets and dark, grisly wool suiting. Illustrator Richard Haines lent the clothes an extra edge, scrawling various, very punk obscenities (and at least one huge phallus) all over their charcoals and asphalts in white spray paint. Would any of it come off? “No,” Im smiled and sort of winced. “None of it. So that should be good.”

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