Paris 68 Lets It All Hang Out


Typically reserved for showgirls, harlots and everyone’s favorite pantless daredevil, Lady Gaga, skirts that fail to cover your you-know-what tend to attract the wrong kind of attention. But at last Thursday’s debut of women’s wear line, Paris68, creative director Marcella Lindeberg’s über-short skirt-legging onesies projected a different type of sexual overtone. Sweeping embellished cashmere capes were the collection’s focal point, but underneath you might have missed sheer, second-skin bodysuits wrapped with skirts that just barely draped the frontal lobes. In burnout velvet, silvery mesh and metallic jersey garnished with fringe tassels, the looks gave off a Wonder Woman vibe. A pink lace version beaded with Swarovski pearls provided a no less demure option. With a shorter but no less dramatic black cape flying from its shoulders, a crepe dress with leather-trimmed slits that ran right up to the groin called to mind a cocktail-ready Catwoman, while a gunmetal interpretation of the jumpsuit-skirt hybrid, topped with a fitted black fencing jacked and finished with a wafting train, was fit for a decidedly more sinister supervillan.

Designed for a liberated woman on the go, the ensembles marked a sassy new silhouette. And while they are, perhaps, less wearable for the everyday individual, they brought a strong sense of confidence and good old-fashion fun to Paris68’s otherwise sophisticated runway. So if you dare, get it shaved, get it waxed, whatever you prefer because as long as you’re covered with a cozy cape, fall just might be the time to let it all hang out.