No Sesso Wants You to Rescue Yourself

In a world where evil reigns supreme, the world is near its end, and carrot hot dogs exist, we all need a hero to protect us, and during the Spring/Summer 2020 runway show of the Los Angeles-based brand No Sesso, founded by Pierre Davis, the answer was clear: rescue yourself. In its second season redefining New York Fashion Week—Davis was the first ever openly trans woman to show at NYFW last season—No Sesso presented a collection titled “I’d Rather Rescue Myself,” built on the ideals of self-protection, independence, and bodily autonomy. “It is obviously a Cheetah Girls reference, from their song ‘Cinderella,‘” Pierre told Interview backstage after the show. “But it is also real life. I’d rather rescue myself. I’d rather make sure I’m taking care of myself and our community.” The collection introduced loosely structured pieces in vibrant colors and versatile silhouettes—all while maintaining the brand’s staple of embroidered craftsmanship.

Pierre and No Sesso’s Co-Director Arin Hayes also introduced a new fictional character to the already mesmerizing storyline of the brand: Valentina, who appears on the clothes throughout the line as the label’s de facto logo. She is a purpled-haired, all-powerful superhero with a panache for sexy stripper-esque heels, silk going out tops, and bedazzled thongs. And obviously, she has amigas, cheetahs, friends for life. Davis drew her up after visiting Tokyo, but beyond her role on cropped jackets, shorts, spray painted t-shirts, and the brand’s new leather bags, she is a sort-of-not-really reaction to the politics of our times. “Black women are one of the—if not the—most disrespected people in the world. So it is a statement. Black women should be uplifted and black women should protect each other,” Hayes says of Valentina. No Sesso continues to be loud, fearless, and fearlessly black. Not to mention gender-inclusive because as Davis puts it, “People should be able to wear what they want to wear, and that’s that.” In the famous words of a legendary runway glamazon: If you can’t save yourself, how the hell you gonna save somebody else? Interview went backstage at No Sesso to get a closer look at the brand’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection.