What defines an It bag? This season’s Nina Ricci has one such accessory with a curious, familiar name.

Ondine: The tempting water nymphs of German myth. Nina Ricci’s bags remain earthbound, however; they’re made of leather and chains to keep your arms and pocketbooks grounded. On each bag there’s a crown detail that looks kind of like a hardcore olive wreath and is made of twisted leather from alligator, dyed lamb, and bull calf. In spite of the homage to a Greek trophy, the handbags are obviously no so much about peace as they are about lust and envy. In the myths, the water nymphs gain a soul only by deceiving a man, in order to marry and have a child. The mythical characters were so powerful they became the basis for a ballet, an opera, and even the assumed name of a Warhol factory star. The 1968 Warhol movie The Loves of Ondine follows the eponymous superstar as he attempts to reprogram his sexuality through his encounters with women. Soul seekers, ballerinas, divas, art stars all wear the name Ondine. Now you can too!