Most Wanted: Davines MINU Haircare

As with all brands, Italian beauty line Davines has grown and morphed since its launch in 1993, but it has also retained specific qualities, most notably a dedication to sustainability and safeguarding biodiversity. The company recently overhauled its most well-known product line, Essential Haircare, and developed 25 new products all of which are perfectly fit for post-winter hair renewal. Amongst our favorites is the newest family, MINU, which uses locally sourced caper blossom extract to create a soothing and, of course, wonderfully scented collection, including shampoo, conditioner, a hair mask, and hair serum targeted toward colored hair. However, if your hair is au natural and healthily survived winter winds, instead try DEDE, the family created for optimum daily cleansing.

Farm fresh ingredients are featured in every product thanks to the brand’s collaboration with the Slow Food Presidia and all products are part of LifeGate’s Zero Impact project, meaning that any carbon dioxide emissions generated during the manufacturing process are offset by the brand’s contribution to protecting forests in Madagascar. We think it’s time to feel good about smelling good. Priced from $23.50 to $32 and available on

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