Alexander or Sardanapalus?

We’ve come to expect ‘the uncompromised’ from young design duo Edward Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff, but even by their own unpredictable standards, Sunday’s Fall show left runway attendees in slight bewilderment. A new direction it wasn’t so much as a complete U-turn from the dark, macabre draped pleating of last season. This was a visual feast of color, romantic gesture, and embellishment. The packed space at The Flower Cellars space off Russell Square witnessed models in painted biker jackets over maxi Sari style dresses or Old Hollywood style gowns covered by little embroidered caplet like jacquards. There were also embellished head pieces and if the expression on models’ faces covered by lacey veils. There wasajoy in this coverage, afiery East meets West will that duely noted Persia via the Death of Sardanapalus, the orgiastic fall of Rome, and the cycles of glory and pillage in India or Old Spain. There it was, all of it thrown together in a glamorous heap.