Lucio Castro x A Peace Treaty: A Man is Nothing Without His Jewels

Lucio Castro understands that a man is nothing without his tools. For spring/summer 2013, the designer has partnered with humanitarian jewelry collective A Peace Treaty to make the old adage a little more modern. The collaboration, which will be available through Opening Ceremony Showroom, produced a line of simple, silver-plated pieces with neon enamel accents that deconstructs the work of making jewelry—a natural fit for two brands who have always been as much about their process as their product. Production will be outsourced to A Peace Treaty, who employ artisans at above fair-trade rates in places of social and political conflict around the developing world.

In the form of wires, screws and miniature crossbars, the 10-piece collection pays tribute to its own craft. At this size, the trappings of a metalsmith’s studio take on a certain abstract beauty. That’s not to say that function is completely lost to form: there’s even what looks like a mini corkscrew in the mix—that would be a smart addition to anyone’s toolbox.

This collection was chosen by Interview fashion director Miguel Enamorado.