INTER-Picks: The Penny Loafers


For every trend there is an anti-trend. Exhausted by a combination of my everday uniform and the trends I see day in and day out, the the pendulum swings and my repertory of closet basics shifts gear. As a rule, the feeling for the wearer is incredibly dramatic, even if at the end of the day I still am wearing flats. We’re talking staple clothing here.

This season’s “anti trend” is a special return to the classics. I am putting the ubiquitous ballet flats aside and looking back at the classic penny loafers I haven’t worn since they were a required part of my Catholic school girl uniform for 12 years. Back then it was a luggage color Cole Haan: Luckily, this spring there are a few more to choose from.

CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: 1) The most literal translation of my Catholic school experience is Cole Haan’s re-interpretation of their own classic loafer, and they’ve clearly got nuns on the brain. The brand is offering a black and white spectator, great shades of my teachers’ monstastic garb. They also remind me of a mix of a classic brogue and an oxford. 2) Of course, Ralph Lauren’s got the classic brown penny loafer. He knows the meaning of a classic American basic, and penny loafers probably don’t need all that much flare. 3) For a subtle variation on a theme: Bass Weejuns come offered in blue, navy, brown and black with or without tassle!