Humid Hair No More!




As temperatures rise on the east coast (it’s about time!), so, too, does the humidity level. And while humidity can be nice for the skin—leaving it plump and glowing—it most definitely takes a major toll on our hair. So, as we ready ourselves for what will be our first major weekend of the summer season, Memorial Weekend, we called upon hair genius John D to offer up his tricks on battling the humid hair crisis. Because, yes, there are ways around a big bouffant. Not to worry, sun bunnies: here are John D’s product recommendations and styling tips.

1. Accessories are your friends  [see the above photos for some suggestions]. Headbands, elastics, clips, barrettes, bobbies. These are just some of many options to wrangle your mane. Using these pieces can easily secure unruly hair and lend to a cool style as well! Get creative!

2. Bathe your hair in moisture-rich products. Conditioning the hair from within helps tame unruly flyaways and frizz. Try using Alterna’s Bamboo Smooth line, particularly the Smooth Kendi Oil. This oil is lightweight and super-nourishing. It’s full of omega-3’s and fatty acids that nourish the hair. It also protects your hair from excess free radicals. Also, visiting the salon and treating your hair to a nice gloss or glaze helps seal down the cuticle, leaving the hair more shiny and smooth.

3. For curly hair, don’t fight what you’re working with! Curly hair rules! It’s just a matter of letting the hair air-dry. To control excess frizz, I like to add a small amount of Bumble and Bumble’s Curl Conscious Defining Creme to towel-dried hair. Comb through with fingers. Allow hair to reshape into natural curl pattern. Air-dry (or, if you’re in a bit of a hurry, use a diffuser on your dryer). Once hair has dried, gently loosen curls by finger combing through. Take advantage of the volume that comes from those waves!



4. Of course, you can never go wrong with a ponytail or a braid, like the high-fashion one pictured above—classic “form meets function” styling for high humidity! By securing that hair back, you instantly control your hair. The look is timeless and always en vogue. To tame excess flyaways, I love to use TRESemmé’s Climate Control Finishing Spray. This stuff is great, because it helps protect from excess humidity. It’s a workable spray that seals in the style and still easily brushes out.

5. Get your hair trimmed! Keeping your hair healthy and free of split ends is a must to maintaining a healthy, shiny ‘do in all of the elements. Visit your hairstylist and clean up those ends. This will promote healthy growth, and your locks will look their best.