Fresh Face: Helle



Last week I worked with 19-year-old Norwegian Helle (FORD Models) for the first time, on the Gap Presentation. The first thing you notice about her is that she looks almost like a super elegant, super angelic Claudia Schiffer, intelligently furrowing her brow. She’s a fresh new face and she’s incredibly sweet, which is obvious any time you shoot her. This is Helle’s first season and she’s yet to walk any shows. But with aspirations like walking for Victoria’s Secret and looks to match, there’s no stopping her.

HOW OFTEN DO YOU GO HOME? Yes, I have to go home once in a while. I’m rarely homesick, but it’s good to see friends and family back home. WHAT DO THEY SAY ABOUT YOUR CAREER? Most people are happy for me and exited about what I’m doing—at least they say they are! HOW WERE YOU DISCOVERED? I wish I had a funny story about how I got discovered… I was approached by scouts from different agencies while I was on a vacation in London. It just snowballed from there. I finished school before I started traveling as a model, so I didn’t start before I was 18. WHAT DID YOU WANT TO DO AS A YOUNG GIRL? I’ve always thought about it as an experience, an opportunity to see the world while I’m doing what I love. But I must admit that I’ve always dreamed about doing the Victoria’s Secret show. WHAT’S THE MOST EMBARRASSING THING ANYONE HAS EVER ASKED YOU TO DO ON SET? Sing. Usually people tell me to shut up when I sing, which is understandable. I sing like a 14-year-old boy. So to be encouraged to sing is definitely embarrassing! WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR SPARE TIME ON THE ROAD? I try to read as much as possible, partly because I love reading books but also because I’m afraid of becoming less intelligent if I’m not using my brain daily. I also enjoy drawing; I’ve always got a pen and paper in my bag.  WHATS ON YOUR iPOD RIGHT NOW? Turbonegro, Apocalypse Dudes; Chromeo, Fancy Footwork; Röyksopp, The Understanding;
The Beatles, The White Album.