Famous Faces for Fall

Fashion Week is here, and I asked some of my favorite makeup artists (each of whom happens to tend to the faces of some of my favorite celebrities) aboug the trends that we can look forward to seeing this fall. Either straight off the runway or taken from the red carpet, this season is all about defining your features—from gray to red, smoky eyes to strong brows—glam is back. (PHOTO: PRADA)


Rachel Goodwin (January Jones): “For fall, I am feeling a major earth tone revival. It’s hard to say exactly where a trend originates from; sometimes it’s just in the air. It feels like we gravitate toward a darker lip for fall and winter, and in the most recent past that’s meant cool tones like dark purple or even black. I think we’re gonna start seeing the cool austere tones take a backseat to colors more easily found in nature, colors like dark raisin, brick red, and sable. I love seeing how trends go away and come back totally new and improved. The uber brights have had their moment in the sun, now it’s time to come back down to earth.”


Kristofer Buckle (Christina Aguilera): “The two trends on the runways that stood out to me were the pale lip and the smoky eye. I think we are going to be seeing a lot more smoky eyes; this can be dark taupe metallic or strong color. It’s a very spontaneous look, not blending out to infinity. Instead, a bit edgy, paired with a pale or bare lip. There is a lot of room to personalize this look and amp it up or way down depending on color shape and texture.”

Troy Jensen (Kim Kardashian): “There are some amazing make up trends this fall! Strong brows, dark lips, but one I think with transcend the runway and red carpet and move into real life is this season’s “it” shade, gray. Gray eye shadow and even gray lip color were all the rage on runway fall collections of Prada, and Lady Gaga made a gray statement on the August cover of Vanity Fair. Her hair, makeup, and nails were a pale elephant gray. One of my favorite grays is from Chanel’s fall collection: Le Vernis Nail Color in Paradoxal, a dark gray-violet. The Quadra Eye Shadow Palette in Enigma is this season’s hot shade for eyes. Pair a pale gray shadow with a deep burgundy stain and a dark gray smoky eye; it looks amazing with a pale beige, pink or peach lip color.”

Fiona Stiles (Halle Berry): “With the ’50s silhouette so prevalent on the runways for F/W (Vuitton, Prada) and Mad Men mania in full swing, I think a strong, shaped brow and a ladylike kitten flick on the eye will be turning up everywhere, from magazines to the red carpet. Having a strong brow with a bit of a tick upward at the end of the eye gives the eye a lovely shape is easy to achieve and looks great with a relatively un-made up face. (Just think of pictures of Elizabeth Taylor lounging on the beaches of Mexico with Richard Burton, or Eva Gardner in Night of the Iguana). Just having those two features defined gives the face a finished, elegant look, even if the rest of the skin is scrubbed clean.”

Beau Nelson (Kristen Stewart): “This fall, I feel like we are seeing the true return of lipstick and statement lips. TV shows like Mad Men and ladylike clothing from Prada all herald the comeback of the sensual woman, along with the ultimate symbol of femininity, the classic red lip.”

Sarah Howard is the editor of Beauty Banter.