Cannes-Cannes for DSquared2

For fashion followers, it’s been a rough week in Cannes: Suddenly it seems that style has taken a backseat to substance—in the films, on the red carpet, even at the parties, which, by the way, are in scant supply. What’s a yacht captain to do? After days spent enduring films ranging from morbid (Lou Ye’s Spring Fever) to chilling (Park Chan-wook’s Thirst) to gut-wrenching and violent (Brillante Mendoza’s Kinatay; Lars Von Trier’s contentious Antichrist) audiences crave good old fashioned escapism. Luckily last night Dan and Dean Caten, the twins who helm DSquared2, hosted a multi-tiered event to occupy both day and night. The DSquared2 extravaganza celebratd several milestones: the unveiling of the company’s new Cannes boutique, and the launch of a new modernist eyewear collection for men and women—an accessories line that, with Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell as spokesmodels, looks to be a smash in the making.

Paris Hilton, in town to (grudgingly) promote Adria Petty ‘s Paris, Not France between catching rays, wore a sea-worthy neo-Grecian ensemble and joined Dan and Dean as the party’s unofficial hostess, as she is wont to do. Proudly swinging new man candy Doug Reinhardt on her arm, Hilton also had other friends in tow: she posed with burlesque queen Dita Von Teese, and Peaches Geldof. Veteran party animal Mick Jagger was rumored to make a cameo, but turned out to be a no-show—was the rocker, allegedly repulsed by Antichrist, still unsettled? A shame, really: a little Milanese camp goes a long way. (PHOTO: COURTESY OF DSUARED2)