Delfina Delettrez’s Altered States


“Roll-In-Stones” is the clever name of Delfina Delettrez’s moveable-parts jewelry—where planets revolve in orbit around diamond-edged spheres for a pair of earrings, and large gold cuffs sway with beaded fringe. Delettrez, the daughter of Fendi’s accessories designer Silvia Fendi, showed off her latest collection in Paris yesterday in a surreal, penicillin-green presentation at the atelier of couturier Rabih Kayrouz. The odd bits and bobs, which look a bit like spare parts from some magical machine, share space this season with Delettrez’s favorite insects, including “killer mosquitoes” and “virus-carrying flies.” Delettrez was inspired by The Wasp Factory, a dark novel by Scottish writer Ian Banks, in which a character named Frank decides to murder insects that are building machinery and explosives.