Hairstyles at the Spring/Summer 2011 collections were divided into two strong camps—those parted in the middle and those parted to the side. And as in politics, the extreme right and left sides overshadowed everything in between, whether it was Prada’s slick finger wave inspired by Josephine Baker or Marc Jacobs’ babycurled cuts with voluminous texture and pinned with the innocence of a floral corsage (think Taxi Driver–era Jodie Foster). And then there were the looks at Fendi, which were clean, all-natural, and long, with a young Brooke Shields moment of the I-just-tossed-my-hair-to-one-side variety. These dramatically different styles are still deeply rooted in the historic, crisp placement of the part, a look that will have women not so much whipping their hair back and forth but side to side.