Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson

Earlier this month at Bergdorf Goodman in New York, makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury launched a limited-edition cosmetics collection inspired by legendary British fashion photographer Norman Parkinson. Captured in Jamaica in 1975, Jerry Hall stares out from the front of a washbag and bronzer palette, one eyebrow slightly cocked, lips pursed, and a phone tucked between her shoulder and a true-blue swimcap. A photo of Wenda Rogerson, an actress, model, and author, and Parkinson’s wife, appears on a blush case. “Wenda was [Parkinson’s] most enduring muse. They met in 1947 and remained together for the rest of their lives,” notes Tilbury. “I created this color thinking of the blush of love and happiness that keeps you youthful forever,” she continues.

Parkinson’s influence on the seven-piece collection goes beyond his subjects; Tilbury’s color palette is designed to mimic the way Parkinson captured natural light. “Parkinson was an alchemist with light, capturing the sun and the differing effects of mood-lighting on the skin in a really unique way,” she explains. “The collection literally paints your face in Parkinson’s youth-enhancing light.”