Coloring Inside the Lines

The reigning apexes of post-materialist lifestyle, the Italian interior magazine Apartamento and French fashion label A.P.C have a lot in common—taunchly understated aesthetics, and a healthy diet of collaboration. So it makes sense that the two zeitgeists have teamed up, bearing in mind a notably younger design audience, on a line of coloring books.

Though there’s probably some cliché to be uttered about “coloring outside of the lines,” the lines are precisely what make the Everyday Life coloring books interesting. Artists Reg Mombassa, Matt Leines and Geoff McFetridge have each produced their own book for the collection, in editions of 500. Mombassa, Leines and McFetridge’s illustrations work well as line drawings; geometrically rendered, disembodied body parts and cutely bizarre animals hastily penned on small, white, rounded-edged pages in books that appear more like pocket sketchbooks than Highlights for Children. Published by Apartamento and sold at A.P.C. stores, the Everyday Life books may be a slightly unorthodox gift for the little ones on your holiday list, but the coolblack and white look with contributed endlessly to the life of the budding aesthete. And isn’t that the importance of giving?

Each Everyday Life coloring book has a limited run of 500 copies and is available exclusively at A.P.C stores and online at