Weekend News Roundup! A$AP Madness; This American Life’s Retraction


Happy Monday! Here’s our compendium of pop-culture news you may have missed while you were doing more important things over the weekend.


A$AP Rocky’s last show at South by Southwest kind of ended in madness, but at least from this story, it doesn’t seem like it was Rocky’s fault. After a fan took a bandanna from a member of the A$AP Mob, he stopped the show to try to calm the audience down, at which point beer cans were thrown onstage and the mob descended, fists flying. [Pitchfork]

This American Life was forced to retract one of its most popular episodes, “Mr. Daisey Goes to the Apple Factory,” after discovering that writer Mike Daisey fabricated or exaggerated many of the details of his visit to China’s Foxconn, which makes products for Apple. [TAL]

21 Jump Street topped the weekend box office with a respectable $35M; nothing else debuted in the top five, which was rounded out by The Lorax, John Carter, Project X, and A Thousand Words, the latter two of which only made about $4M each. Guess everybody’s saving up for The Hunger Games! [BOM]

• The Model Alliance surveyed 85 models and found that 30% have been touched inappropriately at work, 50% have been exposed to cocaine, and 68% have suffered from depression and anxiety. Oy. [Fashionista]

• Reportedly, Jay-Z approached Live Nation proposing a $150 million postpartum comeback tour for Beyoncé, “just weeks” after the birth of Blue Ivy. Let it be true, please let it be true! [P6]

• If you would like to see some video of Invisible Children founder Jason Russell’s whackadoo public outburst/masturbation session, that video exists. Not clicking is also an option. Your fate is up to you. [THR]

• Or, instead, you can stream the new Shins album in full via iTunes. Go ahead, do it! [Shins]