We Did Poppers With the Stars at the Interview x Boy Smells Pride Party


Boy Smells

All photographs by Richie Lee Davis.


On Thursday night, L.A. partygoers flocked to the Plaza Nightclub, a queer watering hole in West Hollywood, ready to let loose. At the Interview x Boy Smells pride party, go-go dancers greeted guests with trays of poppers, the scent which happens to be the olfactory inspiration behind the fragrance collective’s newest candle: Citrush, made of citrus high of pomelo, black pepper and musks. But those who weren’t feeling the rush indulged in spicy margaritas, spiked lemonade, and “gay water” (aka vodka soda). Under the reflecting neon lights of a disco ball, friends and enemies of the magazine flipped through copies of our Summer Issue, featuring cover girl Billie Eilish. Among those in attendance were Rosalía, James Charles, and Addison Rae, who danced the night away with her girls. Before things got too rowdy, we pulled a few special guests aside to talk poppers, pride, and, of course, boy smells.


Billie Eilish Boy Smells

Boy Smells



ROBBY HOFFMAN: [Sniffs poppers] I love this. I used to smell this as a child. Nail polish.

INTERVIEW: Okay, not too much on it…

HOFFMAN: I actually love it. That is good.

INTERVIEW: Robby Hoffman, what are you wearing?

HOFFMAN: This was $6 at the L train Vintage. I cut it myself. I do my own tailoring. [Points to pants] These are Hugo Boss. [Points to shows] These are Bottega, my big splurge, but I wear them with everything. And the watch is Rolex, vintage ’91 to commemorate my baby sister who was born in ’91.


HOFFMAN: It was a family project, I was celebrating a sale and I needed a ’91.

INTERVIEW: I’m obsessed with you. Wait, okay.

HOFFMAN: The popper was excellent.

Boy Smells

Boy Smells

INTERVIEW: What do poppers feel like?

HOFFMAN: Excellent, exactly what you would want in a drug. You know why I don’t do drugs? It’s too long. We don’t know when we’re getting out. It’s a hostage situation. But with this, we have the light at the end of the tunnel.

INTERVIEW: How are you celebrating Pride?

HOFFMAN: I don’t. I’m gay, no shame ’til the day I die. I just live a good, gay life.


HOFFMAN: I’ve got the greatest girlfriend in the world, I got a great car, and I love what I do. Leave it to the gay men for Pride. Lesbians, we go a different route.

INTERVIEW: What’s the biggest difference between gay guys and lesbians during Pride?

HOFFMAN: Lesbians are inside and gay guys are outside.

INTERVIEW: What’s a bad smell that you really like?

HOFFMAN: I love the smell of gasoline in a car, but people hate it. And I love my cat.

INTERVIEW: Cat’s smell good.

HOFFMAN: They smell so good. Like a baby.

Boy Smells

Boy Smells



INTERVIEW: Happy pride month. It’s so good to see you.

SYMONE: It’s so good to be seen.

INTERVIEW: We’re at the Boy Smells party, what’s your favorite boy smell?

SYMONE: I like a fresh, clean body, darling. I don’t wanna smell nothing on a boy. I want Irish Spring.

INTERVIEW: Irish Spring is really good. Do you have a favorite bad smell?

SYMONE: I don’t mind a man after the gym. I ain’t mad at that.

INTERVIEW: It’s pride month. What is pride giving?

SYMONE: The real pride is giving I’m done with the bullshit. I’m done with saying the bullshit correctly. The poppers have hit, girls. [Laughs] Woo!




INTERVIEW: Cosmo, what’s your favorite boy smell?

COSMO LOMBINO: My favorite boy smell? I kind of like them a little musty. I want them to smell like Goya beans. 

INTERVIEW: What’s a bad smell you secretly like?

LOMBINO: I’m not gonna lie, a little cheese sandwich. A little fumunda is a guilty pleasure.

INTERVIEW: Who are you passing the poppers to?


Addison Rae



INTERVIEW: One more popper hit! 

GOTTMIK: You got it, baby

INTERVIEW: What does it smell like?

GOTTMIK: It smells like a prayer and a good time. This is the ultimate boy smell, honey. 

INTERVIEW: What’s your favorite boy smell?

GOTTMIK: Just a classic boy smell, one stroke of deodorant and we’re ready to go. That’s the OG boy smell. 

INTERVIEW:  What’s a bad smell you secretly like?

GOTTMIK: Poppers, Sharpies, gasoline. Anything that takes away my brain cells. 

INTERVIEW:  Who are we passing the poppers to? 

GOTTMIK: I need to pass them to Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is a gay queen, but I don’t think she does poppers. 

INTERVIEW: They’re in her make-up bag. 

GOTTMIK: They’re in her make-up bag? 

INTERVIEW: House of Gaga!

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