The Living Salad: A Year in Photos From Those Near and Dear

Curated by our contributing editor Lucas Mascatello, each issue of Interview includes the Salad Pages, an evolving collection of short-form works and contributions from friends and associates of the magazine. In our March issue, Mascatello created the Living Salad, a collage of photos documenting the past year through the eyes of artists, musicians, travelers, designers, models, writers, stylists, creative directors, and freaks from all walks of like. It features contributions from Meetka Otto, Sean Kinney, Libby Rothfeld, Joey Labeija, Victor Barragán, Alexander Woloszynski, Will Sheldon, Christopher Garrett, Mel ottenberg, Clare Gillen, Ilja Karilampi, Aaron Maine, Dese Escobar, and Richard Turley.