Antoni From ‘Queer Eye’ Tells Us How To Make His Favorite Winter Cocktail

Television’s hottest food and wine expert Antoni Porowski has become something of a food trend, himself. His stylish elan in the kitchen, and on Netflix’s Queer Eye, can now be experienced in full splendor at his first restaurant, Village Den, which recently opened in New York’s hip West Village. But before you head over, Porowski gives us his favorite winter cocktail recipe to mull over, and, ideally, make.


“This cocktail is a Polish staple, typically with simple apple cider or JUICE and Żubrówka. The smokiness of the vodka pairs well with cinnamon, which is balanced by the sweet tartness of the juice.”

2 oz. Żubrówka Bison vodka (freezer chilled)

Ice cubes

3–4 oz. Martinelli’s apple juice



Lemon wedge

Optional garnish: cinnamon stick

For the RIM: On a small flat plate, combine a few tablespoons of sugar with a SPRINKLE or two of cinnamon. Run your lemon wedge along the rim of a highball glass, creating a wet, acidic BINDER for your cinnamon sugar. GENTLY roll the edges of your glass, upside down, into said cinnamon sugar. Fill glass with ice cubes, then vodka and apple juice. Stir with cocktail stirrer or cinnamon stick. Garnish with optional STICK and lemon wedge.