Under The Boardwalk, Architects and Designers Have Some Fun

Now that the HL23 High Line condominium building is nearing its 2010 completion date, its sales office, located in a converted shipping container under the elevated park in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, sits vacant. When arts and culture organization BOFFO heard of the empty space from architectSpilios Gianakopoulos (who helped construct it), the nonprofit hatched “Building Fashion,” an interdisciplinary project hosting a revolving array of local designers—matched with the architects of their choice. The result—which started in September and ends November 15—is more installation than pop-up shop; jeweler House of Waris plans to work with one architect to build a tearoom, while milliner Heather Huey will craft cage-like hats with design firm Urban A&O. The five handpicked artists, who also include Simon Spurr, Siki Im, and Richard Chai, receive a rotating, two-week residency. Building Fashion keeps creative collaboration front, center, and High. More info at buildingfashion.org