Pizzaiolo Massimo Laveglia Takes Us Inside His Fridge

massimo laveglia

If you’ve seen a line snaking down Christopher Street over the last few months, chances are it’s courtesy of L’Industrie, one of New York’s anointed pizzerias. After dominating the Williamsburg pizza scene for several years with his burrata-piled slices and must-try sandwich specials, Massimo Laveglia finally brought L’Industrie across the bridge and the place has been packed ever since. But with two pizza spots and two newborns at home (he and his girlfriend recently welcomed twins), Laveglia barely has time to cook at home, which was obvious when he recently let us peek inside his fridge.


1. “My hours are crazy so I dont cook at home a lot. But my girlfriend is always cooking because we have twins. We dont go crazy with the food. Im Italian, so as long as I have pasta, veggies, chicken, and every one or two days a week a nice steak, Im happy.”

2.  “We have a lot of Philadelphia cream cheese because she’s been cooking cheesecake. It’s a labor of love, and it’s good for me because if I like something I can probably do it at the shop.”

3. “Concord grapes, which I got a couple of days before from The Meat Hook. I’m a big fan of theirs so I buy a lot of veggies, chicken, milk, and yogurt from them.”

4. “That’s regular mozzarella. If I’m getting fresh mozzarella, I’m getting it from Anthony & Son [Panini Shoppe].”

5. “On a lazy night we order from Baci & Abbracci, an Italian restaurant in Williamsburg, and they do this very nice veal Milanese that they serve with a nice arugula salad and cherry tomato.”

6. “I have two cartons of eggs because my girlfriend makes cake nonstop.”

7. “We were doing some marinated eggplant with parsley, a little bit of garlic, and white balsamic. You can make a nice sandwich with it.”

8. “My girlfriend is obsessed with carrots, especially because we started cooking for the babies. We dont normally have this many carrots.”


Photo Assistant: Iain Emaline.

Chill by Con Ed.