Caitlin Hubner, of Cait’s Key Lime, Takes Us Inside Her Fridge

Caitlin Hubner began making her key lime pies in 2020, first to satisfy her own cravings for a dessert that was surprisingly hard to come by in New York, and then to meet the demands of a growing customer base who couldn’t get enough of her airy, whipped cream-smothered creations. What began almost as a hobby has morphed into a mini empire, with Cait’s Key Lime  popping up at restaurants and Instagram feeds everywhere. A food world veteran and single mom, Hubner has big plans for her pies, including nationwide shipping and a brick-and-mortar location. But for now, let’s check out what’s inside her fridge.


  1. My fridge is a window into my weekly grocery shopping rotation, one of my alltime favorite activities. I also completely empty the fridge once a week and reorganize it down to the eggs—my personal zen.”
  2. “I eat a lot on the weekends specifically because I have less distractions and more free time to focus on one of lifes best gifts: eating with loved ones. I order from Pressed and do a mostly juice Monday to reset.”
  3. “Theres always that one week in the fall where you make the massive decision to go from cold coffee to hot. My switch normally flips mid-October.”
  4. “I use this anchovy paste similar to the way I use fish sauce—in sauces and marinades. It lasts for months and you only need a small amount—much more accessible and useful than a tinned situation. Im not a tinned fish girl.”
  5. “I live in BedStuy and am surrounded by Caribbean markets, and the sauce aisles are unmatched. Im often moved by labels over flavors because I truly love all hot sauce.”
  6. “I bought this brand off the packaging alone and now Im obsessed. I buy them two at a time.”
  7. “Prepared dips from Damascus Bread & Pastry Shop. I get fresh hummus for my kid, spicy hummus for me, green schug, spicy olive spread, and muhammara, and then go next door to Sahadis for olives and garlic labneh. Throw some chicken and rice in a bowl with some or all and voila, dinner.”
  8. “I started my baking business in my kitchen, and it now fully operates out of a commercial kitchen space. I always make sure I have the ingredients on hand to make a pie at home.”


Photo Assistant: Iain Emaline.

Chill by Con Ed.