Mena Massoud Worked Hard for His “Aladdin” Abs

Shirt and Cap by Loewe.

Raised in Toronto by Egyptian immigrant parents, Mena Massoud says that Disney’s Aladdin was one of the very few American films he remembers watching. Two decades and change later, the Hollywood transplant is set to star as the magic carpet–riding hero, alongside the ever-impressive, often imitated, but never duplicated “cool uncle” Will Smith, in this summer’s highly anticipated live-action adaptation. “My exercise regime for the film was really intense. I’d work out with a trainer six days a week, and then I had a stunt rehearsal team that would do boxing, stretching, and a little bit of parkour. And yet, people don’t get to see me shirtless in this movie. I don’t know if you’ve seen the trailer, but this Aladdin wears a shirt.”


Groomer: Rachel Burney at The Wall Group
Set Design/Prop Stylist: Jon Anthony
Fashion Assistant: Dustin Ellis