Jean-Georges Vongerichten Takes Us Inside His Fridge

jean-georges vongerichten

The chef and restaurant kingpin shows us what he’s packing.


  1. “My fridge is very organized, maybe too organized, but I don’t cook here. It’s only for parties. Champagne, sake, some breakfast.”
  2. “I love sake. I’m kind of the ambassador of Dassai, because they just opened a brewery in upstate New York, it’s called [Dassai] Blue [Sake Brewery]. The rice comes from Japan and the water from New York. I hooked them up with somebody who has rice fields, Blue Moon Acres in Pennsylvania, so they’re going to do one which is purely made in America.”
  3. “Chocolate, always chocolate.”
  4. “Green juice that we serve at the restaurant. I have two every day. I start with the green. Then I have the red with carrot-ginger, coconut, turmeric. These ones are coming from my restaurant downstairs, Perry St.”
  5. “This is a Calabrian chili crisp. It’s good. We’re going to carry that at the Tin Building.”
  6. “This is mustard from the tap. I go to Paris, I bring my pot, and a couple of blocks from the market they fill it up. Mustard on tap.”
  7. “Always caviar. They all come fresh, ready to go. If somebody comes in, I have crackers, no blinis. It’s a light snack.”
  8. “I always have yogurt late at night while watching TV. That’s my favorite.”
  9. “I have this cracked pepper from Japan that I use for cacio e pepe. It’s fermented. It’s unbelievable.”


Photo Assistant: Iain Emaline.

Chill by Con Ed.