A Cheery Jubilee


Always happy to hop onto the holidays of others and celebrate New York’s multiculturalism, we had a rather jubilant Queen’s Jubilee at Soho House last Tuesday night.

Interview joined the boys behind British restaurant, The Fat Radish, Phil Winser and Ben Towill, for drinks and dancing by Soho House’s rooftop pool (and we didn’t even have to pretend to be Annabelle Bronstein). There was a lot of gin involved, and some of our favorite songs from Queen Elizabeth’s reign, from ’80s band Madness to Tinie Tempah. Guests included Dree Hemingway, actor Zachory Quinto, Milk Studios founder Mazdack Razzi, and Lady Alice St. Clair-Erskine. While Phil Winser will probably mock us for this clarification, the “Diamond Jubliee” is a celebration in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s II 60 years on the British throne, which makes her the longest-reigning monarch of Britain, a title previously held by Queen Victoria. “I think it’s pretty well known… internationally,” Winser chided us, when we asked if he had to explain the event.

The next British holiday we are setting our sights on is Guy Fawkes Night—it involves fireworks, bonfires, and a bit of a bloody history. We tried our best to convince Winser to host a Guy Fawkes party—in his five years in New York, he has yet to. “It was a huge thing growing up,” he admitted.