Bhad Bhabie’s Baby Is the Size of an Eggplant Today

Bhad Bhabie

Bhad Babie, photographed by Sarah Krick.

At just 13, Danielle Bregoli—better known as Bhad Bhabie—was crowned a mega-villain on Dr. Phil for her sensational catchphrase, “cash me ousside, how ‘bout dat.” Upon her return from Turn-Around Ranch, a program for troubled teens, she flipped her 15 minutes of fame into an impressive rap career, debuting “Gucci Flip Flops” with Lil Yatchy (accompanied by a subversive Leave it to Beaver-inspired music video) and a Snapchat TV show, Bringing Up Bhabie. At 18, she made waves by joining OnlyFans and posting screenshots of her astronomical earnings, supposedly racking in $50 million in just one year. But then, in 2020, Bhabie announced a social media hiatus. “I hate to say it,” she wrote, “but y’all won!” Now, after nearly a decade in infamy, Bregoli is back, with a bun in the oven. For this week’s Search History, we slid into her DMs to talk baby registries, going dark online, and Mark Wahlberg movies.





BHABIE: 20/F/Boca Raton.

KING-CLEMENTS: Congrats on your pregnancy! How big is your baby right now? 

BHABIE: Thank u! My baby app is saying an eggplant today. She’s growing a lot lately. 

KING-CLEMENTS: Has your OnlyFans changed since becoming pregnant? 

BHABIE: I think it’s kind of too soon to say at this point.

KING-CLEMENTS: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

BHABIE: Pee! This baby sitting on my bladder in the morning.

KING-CLEMENTS: What were your last three google searches? 

BHABIE: “John Cena and Mark Wahlberg” cos my boyfriend thought they were related so I had to settle that 🙄Skims bras because they are the shit. And “where was The Family Plan filmed 2023″ cos we knew it was Atlanta but they said Buffalo or something.

KING-CLEMENTS: Where do you spend the most time online?

BHABIE: TikTok by far. They got me.

KING-CLEMENTS: Who are your favorite TikTokers?

BHABIE: That’s tough but here’s a few: @saudiahb, @thesoapkid, and @miriamezagui.

KING-CLEMENTS: Your social media has been sparse. What’s the best part of not posting?

BHABIE: Just like, being private about my life has a certain level of comfort. And also I’m not hearing bullshit from people.

KING-CLEMENTS: What’s the strangest DM you’ve received? 

BHABIE: I get like 5000 message requests a day. Not sure what the strangest is but this one was memorable:

Bhad Bhabie's

KING-CLEMENTS: Do you ever respond?

BHABIE: I think I just posted it on my feed and said “tell him thanks for the Birkin.” Which was very unnecessary now that I think about it lol. I didn’t show her name tho.

KING-CLEMENTS: Can you describe your private browsing persona in three words? 

BHABIE: I never go private lol

KING-CLEMENTS: What’s on your baby registry?

BHABIE: So random, my manager and his wife are actually at my house now and we are starting my registry today. They have 2 young kids so they going to help me get it going.

KING-CLEMENTS: Kismet. Any ideas of what you want?

BHABIE: Other than the cutest outfits in the world, I hear good things about the Snoo crib and Elvie cordless pump.

KING-CLEMENTS: Who is “mother” to you?

BHABIE: I would say my mother and grandmother but it depends on the day..


BHABIE: Today, mother is me 🫠

KING-CLEMENTS: True. Can you send your favorite meme?

BHABIE: Rn maybe a tie with this and this.

Bhad Bhabie's

KING-CLEMENTS: 😭 You can only choose one: money or clout?

BHABIE:🤑🤑🤑Money every time.

KING-CLEMENTS: What’s your password?

BHABIE:😭 I’ll never tell.

KING-CLEMENTS: Can you share any baby names?

BHABIE: Not yet, we still got a lot to figure out there. It’s going to go down to the wire I think.

KING-CLEMENTS: I’m excited to find out. Huge congrats!

BHABIE: Thank you this was fun.