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Tiktokker @IsaacLikes_ Sees You Asking for Feet Pics


Photo courtesy of Isaac Hindin-Miller (@IsaacLikes_).

In the good old days of 2020, you couldn’t walk down a lower-Manhattan street without seeing those round, white stickers with the cherry red words “I LIKE YOU!” The simplicity had a provocative, burrowing effect—me? why do you like me? And who are you? Isaac Hindin-Miller, better known as @IsaacLikes_, is who. The mens fashion blogger, New Zealand-born DJ, and man about town became a local household name around 2021, when his TikToks about niche downtown watering holes like Little Sister and Le Dive started going viral. “I was thinking nobody would get what I was talking about” he told us over DM, “but it got like 75k views and it kick started a whole thing for me.” Ever since, IHM has been gracing the internet with his fashion, trivia, and nightlife hot takes (plus interviews in which he asks New Yorkers with perfect jawlines where they party and get cappuccinos). For this week’s SEARCH HISTORY, we slid in to Hindin-Miller’s DMs to propose an impossible “fuck, marry, kill” and find out why nothing in New York is worth waiting in line for.


ELOISE KING-CLEMENTS: Hey Isaac! It’s Eloise with Interview. 

ISAAC HINDIN-MILLER: Hi! Thank you for having me

KING-CLEMENTS: Let’s begin! A/S/L?

HINDIN-MILLER: 39/Male/Avenue A.

KING-CLEMENTS: What’s in your system currently? 

HINDIN-MILLER: I flew in from Tokyo late last night so I was awake at five am eating chicken taco mixed over rice and then coffee I brought back from Japan and then I went to Black Seed Bagels and got a Turkey and Avocado Bagel and more coffee.

KING-CLEMENTS: Delish. What’re your last three Google searches?



KING-CLEMENTS: Find anywhere to line dance?  

HINDIN-MILLER: Yes, there are two places that I found. How good does Big Apple Ranch sound? 

KING-CLEMENTS: All I can think is yeehaw.

HINDIN-MILLER: I went there the first week I moved to NYC in August 2011 but I was too scared to join in.

KING-CLEMENTS: That’s a vivid image. Marry, fuck, kill: Aime Leon Dore, Noah, Supreme? 


KING-CLEMENTS: I’m sorry, I had to.

HINDIN-MILLER: Marry Supreme for sure. Fuck ALD and I’d probably make out with Noah (I’m non-violent). I’m actually a big Supreme fan.

KING-CLEMENTS: Okay, a little slutty…

HINDIN-MILLER: Also tbh, I think Awake should be part of that conversation.

KING-CLEMENTS: Where does Awake fit in?

HINDIN-MILLER: Def getting into bed with Awake if that’s on the table. But if you marry Supreme, imagine the bank account.

KING-CLEMENTS: Okay, you’re getting busy. What’s the strangest DM you’ve received? 

HINDIN-MILLER: There’s this one guy who messages me every couple of weeks telling me I’m pretty then his follow up message is always “Do you live in New Jersey?” And it’s been going on for about 3 years. 


HINDIN-MILLER: Okay, he doesn’t tell me I’m pretty. He asks to see my toes. My bad. 

KING-CLEMENTS: Do you live in New Jersey?

HINDIN-MILLER: I don’t. Do you? 

KING-CLEMENTS: What’s one criminally underrated spot in New Jersey? I mean, New York. 

HINDIN-MILLER: The Russian and Turkish Baths. On east 10th. 

KING-CLEMENTS: I’m 100000% with you. Not Fidi.

HINDIN-MILLER: NEVER FIDI. I went to the Russian baths in 2006 and the same guy who beat me with the birch leaves works there to this day.

KING-CLEMENTS: Now, not to out myself, but I remember you hating Lucien when I was a waitress there. What’s one place that’s criminally overhyped right now?

HINDIN-MILLER: I never hated Lucien, I just thought it was funny to make comedy videos about how seriously everybody takes that place. That was actually game changing for me because that was the first extremely niche video I ever posted on TikTok in early 2020 and I was thinking nobody would get what I was talking about but it got like 75k views and it kick started a whole thing for me.

KING-CLEMENTS: I remember finding them hilarious. 

HINDIN-MILLER: Thank you. Okay so what is criminally overhyped? I think anybody waiting in line for anything is ridiculous. Nothing is worthy of waiting in line. If you are waiting in line for a food item in New York City, you should really reevaluate your life choices.

KING-CLEMENTS: Can you send your favorite meme? 

HINDIN-MILLER: My favorite meme accounts are @patiasfantasyworld and @fucking_sober and @billwilsontho. I liked Patia’s one yesterday about how sometimes you don’t get invited cos you don’t do coke (I don’t do coke). My favorite meme of all time tho is this one. Nobody else thinks it’s funny.


KING-CLEMENTS: I did just lol.

HINDIN-MILLER: You have good taste

KING-CLEMENTS: Can you describe your private browsing persona in three words.

HINDIN-MILLER: I don’t do private browsing.

KING-CLEMENTS: What does your Tiktok FYP look like? 

HINDIN-MILLER: I’m good friends with @whoisadiv so I’m getting a lot of his J-Lo videos right now. I get a lot from I’m obsessed with his fashion videos. Omfg that girl Hallie @hallielooyaa who stares at the camera without blinking and does cookie reviews.


HINDIN-MILLER: INCREDIBLE. Omfg and coconut milk mob. She just yaps all day. I’m obsessed with the yapping. And then @charlesmcbryde. He breaks down what’s happening politically in the world better than just about anybody alive.

KING-CLEMENTS: Practical question: do you have henchmen putting your stickers everywhere? Or does it just happen?

HINDIN-MILLER: I don’t. It’s all me.

KING-CLEMENTS: Really?! There was a time when “I like you!” was the only thing I’d see on the sidewalk.

HINDIN-MILLER: Yeah I need to get back on that. Never the sidewalk tho, always padlocks.

KING-CLEMENTS: Choose one: money or clout? 

HINDIN-MILLER: I would choose network/relationships over money but the money is nice. My experience in NYC has been, if you know the right people you don’t need to pay to join a membership club, or buy bottles at the club, or do any of that stuff that people with money have to pay to get access to. But the older I get the more I see that money gets you a better seat on a plane and it’s nice to recline on a 12-hour flight. Also, membership clubs are criminally overrated.

KING-CLEMENTS: Best place to dance right now? 

HINDIN-MILLER: Big Apple Ranch.

KING-CLEMENTS: I was gonna say…

HINDIN-MILLER: But my favorite places to DJ are Little Sister and Loosies

KING-CLEMENTS: Biggest misconceptions about NYC DJs? 

HINDIN-MILLER: What are the conceptions about nyc DJs?

KING-CLEMENTS: They stay up so late! 

HINDIN-MILLER: Honestly, whatever is said is probably true. Everybody who works in nightlife is a demon, but that’s what makes it fun!

KING-CLEMENTS: Can you send a fit pic? 



KING-CLEMENTS: Sharp! Last questions: What’s your password?


KING-CLEMENTS: Perfect. Thanks Isaac, this was fun!

HINDIN-MILLER: Thank you, I appreciate you. Also I love that we are both double barrel name people.

KING-CLEMENTS: I was thinking the same. Never heard double barrel, but go off.

HINDIN-MILLER: Hyphen gang fr.