Vinnie Hacker’s Essential Tokyo

vinnie hacker

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In town for the Crunchyroll Anime Awards, gamer, model, and manga megafan Vinnie Hacker takes a bite out of the Big Mikan.


What’s your Tokyo vice?

Spending way too much money at the arcades.

What are three words to describe Tokyo?

Clean, welcoming, exciting.

What’s the best bite in Tokyo?

Any spot with curry udon. A few highlights were Yakiniku Ushigoro [Nishiazabu flagship], a JBBQ spot with a set menu; and Ryu no Miyako, 17 different izakaya restaurants packed into three floors of a building in Shinjuku.

vinnie hacker

Pants and Shoes Burberry. T-shirt Interview Magazine.

Tokyo by day or Tokyo by night?

Who can say if it’s day or night when you’re in the arcade?

Where’s the best people-watching?

Shibuya Crossing, of course.

Tell us a secret about Tokyo.

The Tokyo metro has high-speed wifi.

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Who’s your best friend in Tokyo?

A man I met two years ago who gave me free grilled cheese after a long night out.

How did Tokyo change you?

Every time I say “thank you” I bow as well.

What makes Tokyo Tokyo?

The respectful people of the city who are welcoming to everyone almost everywhere.

What’s the best snack in Tokyo?

The strawberry sandwich from 7/11 and mushroom- shaped chocolates (Meiji Kinoko no Yama).

vinnie hacker

Jacket, Shirt, Shorts, Socks, and Shoes Prada.

Where do you find love in Tokyo?

At a chain restaurant, no joke.

Weirdest thing you ate?

Probably cow tongue with a raw egg yolk, nothing too crazy.

What are your favorite spots in Tokyo?

The Skytree, random six-floor restaurants, and 7/11.

What did you do with your garbage?

I brought a paper bag with me so I could throw my garbage in there.

What kind of bed did you sleep on?

I slept on a hotel king-size bed and had the best sleep of my life every night.

vinnie hacker

Jacket, Tank Top, Pants, Sunglasses, Belt, Bag, and Shoes Celine Homme by Hedi Slimane.

What did you buy?

I bought custom chopsticks. However, the best thing I received was at the Kodansha headquarters for a meeting and tour. I’ve always loved manga and Vinland Saga has been one of my favorite mangas and animes. One of our points at Kodansha gifted me a signed illustration by Makoto Yukimura, the creator of the manga, and it was the best gift I’ve ever received.

Did you go to any good parties?

We went to parties at the classic Tokyo nightclubs, but nothing beats the bars in Golden Gai, Shinjuku, and the jazz bars, especially on top of the Park Hyatt.

Did you have to hide your tattoos?

In some places. There was one buffet that kept turning me away because they were “at capacity” one day, and the next day they told me I needed a dining membership club card. My friends got in there no problem both days, though. Not saying it was because of my tattoos, but it seemed a bit coincidental.

vinnie hacker

Jacket, Pants, and Sunglasses Celine Homme by Hedi Slimane.

What’s your 7/11 order?

The onigiri with salmon and salt, and the ham sandwich.

Did anyone recognize you on the street?

A few people. Someone actually gave me a laminated four-leaf clover with a heart in it.

Did you make any friends?

I made new friends after a late night at an izakaya.

What do you miss the most about Tokyo?

The food!

Jacket, Shirt, Shorts, Socks, and Shoes Prada.


Grooming: Takeru Urushibara using Fleuri.

Photography Assistant: Sofia Isabel.

Fashion Assistant: Haruka Niki.