Paloma Diamond, AKA Julian Sewell, Buys Her Wigs From Temu

As the 96th Academy Awards approach on Sunday, we elected to make this week’s Search History a special Oscars edition. And no one on the internet has better captured the absurd pageantry of the evening than TikToker Julian Sewell, who’s best known for portraying the infamous, critically acclaimed actress Paloma Diamond in his videos (along with all the other imaginary divas she’s up against for Best Lead Actress). “I think there is an element of Paloma in Bradley Cooper,” Sewell said when we asked who might deliver a dramatic acceptance speech at this year’s ceremony. As for his favorite Oscars red carpet looks, Sewell is partial to the icy blue Prada dress Lupita Nyong’o wore when she took home the gold in 2013. As Sewell gears up for Hollywood’s biggest night, we slid into his DMs to ask about his current rewatch of Glee, where he buys (and stores) his more than 40 wigs, and, of course, which of this year’s Best Picture nominees is best suited for Paloma Diamond.



JULIAN SEWELL: 28/M/Auckland, New Zealand.

JEFFERS: What’s in your system right now?

SEWELL: My system? What do you mean lol?

JEFFERS: That might be an American phrase, honestly. Like, what did you have for breakfast/lunch?

SEWELL: Oh! Just coffee at the moment. It’s currently 8:21 a.m.

JEFFERS: What were your last three Google searches?

SEWELL: “Glee season 1,” “Lima Ohio,” and “Kevin McHale.” I think you can you guess what I was watching last night…

JEFFERS: I love Glee. Season One has a particularly unhinged quality.

SEWELL: I’m rewatching it for the first time!

Julian Sewell

JEFFERS: Favorite character?


JEFFERS: I also have a soft spot for Kurt, even though some find him annoying. Did you do performing arts in high school?

SEWELL: I did! I was in a lot of productions all throughout high school. I was more of a Rachel Berry myself.

JEFFERS: That checks out, a true diva. Did your theater kid background inspire your impressions and characters on TikTok?

SEWELL: I think so! I’ve always been a real parrot for accents and impressions. My friends and I would imitate our teachers. I think a lot of that comes up in my comedy. 

JEFFERS: What does your TikTok FYP look like?

SEWELL: So random and so specific at the same time: cosplay, skit comedy, cooking videos, musical theatre performances, podcasts, singing videos, and then really, really niche stuff like air crash investigation and news updates about The Royal Family, which I’m not even that interested in!

JEFFERS: The Royal Family doesn’t even have a lot going on these days…

SEWELL: I mean, I loved watching The Crown? Maybe that’s why the algorithm keeps sending videos of the King.

JEFFERS: On a different note: Where do you buy your wigs?

SEWELL: A bit of a controversial one… I buy them from Temu. I know that app has a bit of a bad reputation ethically, but at the same time, I’m not gonna pay $200 for a wig.

JEFFERS: Honestly, that makes sense. You have a lot of wigs.

SEWELL: I have over 40 and the number is growing!

JEFFERS: Where do you store them?

SEWELL: In a long sewed bag with pouches that my mom made! She’s very crafty!

Julian Sewell

JEFFERS: Does she watch your TikToks?

SEWELL: She does! She’s actually appeared in a few herself! She also helps hold the phone when I’m recording sometimes.

JEFFERS: She’s literally behind the whole Paloma Diamond operation.

SEWELL: She knows everything, even who wins this year. She’s part of the Academy.

JEFFERS: Who’s she voting for?

SEWELL: She’s voting for Paloma.

JEFFERS: Duh. Which of this year’s actual best picture noms would Paloma star in?

SEWELL: I reckon Paloma would be a great Oppenheimer. I can just see it now, her silky gray bob blowing from the blast of an atomic bomb. And she’d get real method with it and probably sever a limb in the process, adding to the realism.

JEFFERS: Who do you think will have the craziest Oscar speech this year?

SEWELL: In real life? I think there is an element of Paloma in Bradley Cooper, and so if he wins (which I’m not sure he will) that will be pretty memorable. He’s been wanting it for a while.

JEFFERS: I could see him crying.

SEWELL: Fingers crossed for a Halle Berry moment.

JEFFERS: Do you have a favorite Oscar’s red carpet look?

SEWELL: There are so many! I loved what Emma Stone wore when she won for La La Land. But I also love that long, flowy blue dress Lupita Nyongo wore when she won. 

JEFFERS: Last question: You’ve just won the TikTok Oscars. Who are you thanking in your acceptance speech?

SEWELL: Oh, that’s easy. I’d thank Paloma and everyone who rooted for her.