A Trip Down the Aisle With Nara Aziza Smith

nara smith

Nara Aziza Smith wears Top and Shorts Bottega Veneta. Bra Victoria’s Secret.

Weeks after giving birth to baby number three, the model turned TikTok chef and her husband, Lucky Blue Smith (he took the pictures), take a trip to the local grocer to pick up some tasty treats.


What type of milk do you drink?

Whole milk! I don’t remember the last time I bought anything else.

What snacks can you not live without?

I’m not a big snacker at all. If I do have a snack it’s usually fruit or my favorite passion fruit Greek yogurt with some berries.

nara smith

Top, Skirt, Bag, and Shoes Miu Miu.

What is your strategy for navigating the grocery store?

I always start in the produce section by picking up a few different kinds of vegetables and fruits. I make sure to always get some potatoes. Then I move onto protein and pick up two to three different kinds depending on what I’m planning to cook that week. Dairy and frozen things I pick up last, so they don’t melt as quickly.

Is there an item you buy every single time you shop, no matter what?

I never leave the store without parsley and lemons.

What’s your favorite aisle?

I get excited about the fresh produce section of every grocery store.

What are your supermarket rituals?

I have a list of meals in mind when going. I usually shop what’s in season. I also avoid going to the grocery store on a Sunday!

Top and Shorts Batsheva.

Are you a label reader?

I never used to read labels when I moved here from Germany, but a couple years ago I started and was shocked at all the things we consume without knowing what’s in them.

Do you write a grocery list?

Only when I’m cooking specific meals that require ingredients I usually wouldn’t buy. But I usually don’t!

What are your kitchen staples?

Milk, eggs, and grass-fed and grass-finished beef.

What’s your favorite grocery store?

Lately it’s been Central Market.

nara smith

Sweater, Top, Tights, and Scarf Prada. Gloves Amato New York.


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