Shanti Escalante


Hernan Diaz Deconstructs the Myth of the Self-Made Man

May 16, 2022

The author speaks to “Interview” about his latest novel, “Trust,” and the invisible labor that the American Dream thrives on.


Maggie Stiefvater’s Superpower

May 20, 2021

The prolific author on her writing tricks, the building blocks of YA fiction, and the importance of holding on to magic. 


Lily Stockman Brings Us Back to the Gallery

October 16, 2020

The show “Seed, Stone, Mirror, Match” will be showing at the Charles Moffett gallery until October 18th, by individual appointment only.

exit poll

Sofia Coppola’s “On the Rocks” Doesn’t Go Down So Smooth

October 13, 2020

The film, which premiered at NYFF last month, lacks Coppola’s signature style, Shanti Escalante writes.

exit poll

Exit Poll: Charlie Kaufman’s Twisted, Deeply Human “I’m Thinking of Ending Things”

September 14, 2020

You don’t have to understand Kaufman’s new film to love it.

From Tumblr to The Twilight Zone: Meet Artist and Curator Anajah Hamilton

June 23, 2020

This child of the internet finds solace in the past.

Ilana Masad’s “All My Mother’s Lovers” Examines Queerness Across Generations

June 8, 2020

The author’s debut novel unearths truths that are less ugly than they are complicated.

In Snowpiercer, Daveed Diggs Adds Kicking Ass to His Repertoire

May 15, 2020

The former “Hamilton” star opens up about the toll of onscreen violence and risking it all for the sake of art.

Before Coronavirus, Olivia Laing Wrote A Book About the Role of Art in A Crisis

May 13, 2020

“Funny Weather: Art in an Emergency” is a well-timed exploration of the ways in which art can heal an ailing world.

Blue DeTiger

Meet Blu DeTiger, the TikTok-Famous Bass Queen

May 5, 2020

The 21-year-old bassist lets us in on her uber-cool ascension in the New York music scene—and why you don’t need big hands to play bass.

Rina Sawayama

Rina Sawayama Finds Her Chosen Family

April 17, 2020

With her new album “Sawayama,” the Japanese-British indie pop sensation opens up about finding family when you need it most.

Devs Star Sonoya Mizuno Doesn’t Recognize Her Life Right Now

April 14, 2020

As the FX on Hulu show “Devs” comes to an end, its star adjusts to the new normal.

Emily Gould

Emily Gould Is Looking Forward to Menopause

April 13, 2020

The blogger-turned-novelist on what it takes to protect your creative life while raising kids.

Hilary Leichter

Hilary Leichter Wrote the Origin Myth of the Gig Economy

March 20, 2020

Her new novel, “Temporary,” explores the alienated lives at the heart of today’s workforce.

Saint Frances

Exit Poll: The Bodily Catharsis of Saint Frances

March 16, 2020

Maybe the real female gaze is looking at your period stains.

Aaron Paul Is Even More of A Dad Than We Expected

March 13, 2020

Ahead of his turn on “Westworld,” the actor talks wigs, his baby, and emails (he doesn’t answer them).

Evan Rachel Wood

That Time Evan Rachel Wood Revealed She’s A Horse Girl

March 12, 2020

The “Westworld” star knows a thing or two about Westerns.

Into: The Nihilistic Doodles of “Avocado Ibuprofen”

March 10, 2020

The revolution will be illustrated.

Michael DeForge

Cartoonist Michael DeForge On Butter Tarts and Anarchism

March 3, 2020

With his new book, the “Adventure Time” comic artist explores gig economy hell—and alternative ways of being alive.

Michael Christie, Author of Greenwood, Wants to Save the Trees

February 28, 2020

The author talks climate change anxiety and intergenerational amnesia.