Tracking Warhol: The Brooklyn Museum Gala




You may not have realized it, but you are knee-deep in the interminable Gala Season, the most important six weeks of the year for competitive art collectors, supporters of charity, and the intern/under-paid labor that ships gowns to women all over New York City. On April 22, Interview is sponsoring the after-party for the New Museum benefit gala, themed “Brazil” in tribute to the upcoming exhibition of work by Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander. In what can only be called an “un-beneficial” scheduling conflict, the Brooklyn Museum’s benefit and after-party are on the same night. They’ve upped the ante by inviting hip with this 20-foot pinata of the head of Andy Warhol, designed by food artist and daughter of the esteemed collecting family, Jennifer Rubell. Other foods will pay homage to Marcel Duchamp, grossly Bruce Nauman and even more grossly, Paul McCarthy. Doesn’t Warhol look great? Give him money.