Stick ‘Em Up

With art e-commerce sites in full force, often with all the fiscal excess of a live auction, it’s refreshing to see a new one taking a smarter, more altruistic stance. Launching online and at Art Basel Miami this December, the Posters has recruited contemporary artists like Sadie Laska, Nate Lowman, Sam Falls, and Barry McGee to design one-of-a-kind posters to be sold at The brainchild of art-world veterans Adrian Rosenfeld, formerly of Matthew Marks Gallery, and Athena Currey, who comes from a commercial and nonprofit arts background, the company will donate part of the proceeds from each sale to fund an hour of arts class for underprivileged students in American cities. Unlike many collectors’ items, the posters aren’t limited edition-rather, they’re available in limitless quantities for a few weeks. “No one is going to know if we sell 100 or 1,000,” say Rosenfeld. “That’s the whole point of using time. It’s special no matter what.”