Surf’s Art!




You might not want to look like a clown on the beach, but you will want to ride on one next time you surf. Online retailer Gilt Groupe teamed up with online print-seller Exhibition A to commission two exclusive art surfboards for the intellectual beach bum. Painter and recreational surfer Richard Phillips lent his painting Der Bodensee, an inverted portrait of a woman squinting in the summer sun. Sean Landers offered a more somber take on seafaring, with an image of a determined clown steering a ship, from his work recently at view at Petzel Gallery in New York, Around the World Alone (The Holy Hermit). A portion of the sales from both surfboards will be donated to The Pablove Foundation and benefit pediatric cancer research.

For art enthusiasts less inclined to hit the waves, both artists also have prints of the images available for sale on the Exhibition A website, with prices starting at $100 and peaking at $475.