Christopher Makos’ Top 5 Crystal Ball Moments

Artist Christopher Makos has a highly developed sense of intuition. He is, after all the man who introduced Warhol to the works of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring—and we know how that worked out. Makos began by apprenticing with photographer Man Ray, and according to legend showed Andy Warhol showed how to operate his first camera. On the eve of his show of Polaroids in Milan, we asked the artist to explain his five favorite instant-pictures. In another clear sign of otherworldly prescience, we get not just beautiful, crisp images that attest to the permanence of a throwaway format—but also an eerie look at OJ Simpson.

Christopher Makos, “Polaroids,” is on view November 17–January 15. Photology is located at Via Moscova 25, Milan.