The 2014 Whitney Biennial

The 2014 Whitney Biennial will be the last such romp for the exhibition in the museum's current Marcel Breuer-designer building. But, in so many ways, this year's Biennial is more about looking forward that back. The work selected to represent the state of American art challenges how we see it, who can claim to be its creator, and sometimes if we can even locate it in a single space. Six New York artists on the roster are taking on the Biennial with a hometown advantage.

Darren Bader

A mere two months before the Whitney deadline, 35-year-old artist Darren Bader doesn't know what he's making for the Biennial.

Ken Okiishi

When you face a wall of Ken Okiishi's new paintings for the Whitney Biennial, you don't quite know where to look.

Carissa Rodriguez and Ei Arakawa

One of the most highly anticipated projects of this year's Whitney Biennial is the collaboration between Ei Arakawa, the New York-based performance artist with a growing cult following, and Carissa Rodriguez, most familiar as a director of the Lower East Side gallery Reena Spaulings Fine Art.

Kevin Beasley

The 28-year-old, Virginia-born Kevin Beasley is an artist-in-residence at the Studio Museum in Harlem.

Emily Sundblad

For the Whitney Biennial, co-curator Michelle Grabner asked painter, gallerist, and musician Emily Sundblad to contribute a video.



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