“There’s a Massive Disco Ball”: Alexa Chung Reviews Gucci Cruise 2025

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung, photographed by Dara Allen.

MONDAY MAY 13, 2024 9:07 PM LONDON.


DARA: Hi, Alexa!


DARA: Where are we now and what are we doing?

CHUNG: We’re in the Tate Modern, close to the Turbine Hall, and we’re at the Gucci Show. It just happened and it was amazing. We’re now at the after-party, which looks more like Berghain.

DARA: Yeah, it’s intense in there. We had to step out because it was too loud.

CHUNG: Too loud. Mark Ronson’s on in a bit…

DARA: Mark Ronson’s coming. And then I think Arca’s coming.

CHUNG: I know that Sabato [de Sarno] likes to party, because I went to the show in Milan and they had a small party afterwards that we managed to turn into a rave. This is a massive location, and it’s the biggest disco ball I’ve ever seen.

DARA: There’s a disco ball in there?

CHUNG: Yeah, there’s a massive disco ball. The biggest in the world, this is.

DARA: I saw the tray of vodka shots and I was like-

CHUNG: Love it.

DARA: “Let me wait until after this conversation.” Are you a dancer or wallflower?

CHUNG: I’m a dancer. Which is embarrassing.

DARA: Same. I always go too off, I do-

CHUNG: I gave up whiskey actually because I once did a one-woman interpretation from the boxing scene in Bugsy Malone.

DARA: Oh, shit.

CHUNG: In front of my ex-boyfriend’s entire family. And it just was really embarrassing the next day, so I had to give up whiskey.

DARA: Valid. What’d you think of the show?

CHUNG: I loved the show. I want every single shoe, the baby blue ballet flats in particular.

Alexa Chung

DARA: I was going to ask, are you a creeper or ballet flat? Are you going to do the creeper?

CHUNG: I’m more of a ballet flat than a creeper.

DARA: Yeah. The ballet flat, you can pull it off into your eighties.

CHUNG: Exactly. It’s got an Upper East Side thing about it.

Alexa Chung

DARA: Loved a creeper in high school, I don’t know if I could do it now.

CHUNG: Yeah, I just don’t know. But I would totally give it my best shot. I loved everything, and I loved that everyone looked like they just got off a tour bus or a plane. But then there were the modern bits, like the neon underwear coming through.

DARA: Oh my god, I loved the little bralettes.

CHUNG: And then the crochet white trouser.

DARA: I thought of you when I saw those.

Alexa Chung

CHUNG: I really need that.

DARA: And the little short, and the cardigan. On a summer vacation.

CHUNG: Love. Bless.

DARA: And I loved the little Jane Birkin suede. So good.

Alexa Chung

CHUNG: Everything was heaven.

DARA: Yeah, yeah, yeah. What are you wearing right now? Tell me about your look.

CHUNG: I’m wearing a sparkly knit that I loved when I saw it in the last show. I’m very happy to be wearing it. And a shoe that’s half a size too small for me right now…

Alexa Chung

DARA: At least it’s an open back.

CHUNG: That’s true.

DARA: Can you still dance the night away?

CHUNG: Oh, yeah. One-hundred percent.

DARA: I’ll see you on the dance floor, then.

CHUNG: See you there. Thank you.