Cruz Valdez


Meet the Dolls Keeping New York City Alive

September 1, 2021

New York City is home to nearly 9 million humans, all eclectic and eccentric. Meet a few of our favorite dolls.


An Homage to the Seedy Glamour of The Sunset Strip

June 21, 2021

The photographer Cruz Valdez and our Creative Director Mel Ottenberg have some fun with Bottega Venetta, Saint Laurent, and a few boas.


New York or Nowhere

October 28, 2020

Photographer Cruz Valdez and stylist Dara Allen hit the streets of NYC with a few nonessential essentials.


Layer Up, The End of The World is Here

September 16, 2020

Uncertain times indeed.

Is your name on the list?

Connie Girl and Honey Dijon on Being at the Wrong Place at the Right Time

September 3, 2020

The club legends compare notes on what it meant to be a star below 14th Street.

Models Remington Williams and Darron Clarke Are Twinning

February 21, 2020

Matchy matchy.

Finn Wolfhard and Ryan Reynolds Have a Not-So-Serious Conversation

December 9, 2019

Two of Canada’s most beloved exports discuss the subtle art of not taking art too seriously.

Debbie Harry And Cindy Sherman Compare Notes On Sex, Sexism, and Success

October 1, 2019

A conversation between two of the New Yorkiest New Yorkers.

Leslie Bembinster Shows Us How to Crystalize Proteins and Boost Our Immunity

September 2, 2019

The fashion model and biologist has modeled both jeans and, well, genes.