Aldo Rossi

Eileen MYLES

December 17, 2015

The long-reigning unofficial poet of the East Village is now becoming America’s poet. Maybe the world is finally catching up.

Grant Morrison

October 14, 2014

With two new series—perhaps his bleakest yet—the groovy magus of comics proves yet again to be the great polymath visionary of the form.

David O. Russell

December 13, 2013

How the director learned to stop worrying and start confounding expectations.

Roby Sobieski

May 16, 2013

Twenty-four-year-old Roby Sobieski is a fantastically engaging conversationalist who readily shares details of his college senior thesis, a screenplay adaptation of an Arthurian legend researched down to the table settings; his relation to a king of Poland; his days as a teenage tour guide riding his father’s MicroBike through the empty halls of New York’s American Museum of Natural History; and the compelling polytheistic religion he invented when he was 8 years old.

Baz Luhrmann

April 23, 2013

Ever since it was first published in 1925, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby has been considered a creative and critical triumph. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the many film versions of the novel that have been attempted, which have alternately been met with disappointment, confusion, or utter indifference. Now, Australian director Baz Luhrmann, no stranger to spectacle, is set to unleash his own long-awaited re-telling of the tale—a star-studded, mega-watt 3-D extravaganza, with a Jay-Z approved soundtrack and Leonardo DiCaprio as the great one himself. And rest assure: it’s a scene.

Toro y Moi

February 14, 2013

Chaz Bundick describes beginning work on Anything in Return (Carpark), his transcendent third album under the moniker Toro y Moi, as feeling like he was about to undertake “an experiment with myself.”

Dance Mom: Yvonne Rainer

December 18, 2012

In the 1960s amd ’70s Yvonne Rainer reinvented modern dance—and she’s still up to her old revolutionary ways.

Austin Butler

August 25, 2012

In The Carrie Diaries, the forthcoming prequel to the hit series Sex and the City, set to air on The CW this winter, 21-year-old Austin Butler plays beleaguered quasi-love interest to a teenage Carrie Bradshaw, whom we meet during her junior year in high school in a bucolic Connecticut town.

Jason Clarke

August 24, 2012

Why the Aussie actor is becoming the movies’ new bard of men who have to work for it.

Ambyr Childers

May 31, 2012

A month before graduating high school in 2006, Ambyr Childers gave up a scholarship to play golf at the University of California, Riverside, for the role of bratty teen Colby Chandler on All My Children.

Joel Kinnaman

March 30, 2012

“There was this outrage!” says Joel Kinnaman of fans’ reactions last summer to the cliff-hanging first-season finale of AMC’s The Killing. “I had no idea people were following it like they were. As long as anybody cares, I’m happy.”

Nicki Minaj’s Star(ship) is Meant to Fly

February 14, 2012

Just when we were beginning to get tired of Nicki Minaj and her Lady Gaga-ish, priest-dressing Grammy nonsense, she releases a new and exciting track! “Starships,” from Minaj’s upcoming Roman Reloaded album, debuted this morning on Ryan Seacrest. Unlike “Stupid Hoe,” there is no animosity in this song, just dancing, flying starships, and a singing Minaj.

Graham Phillips

February 12, 2012

“There was a lot of goat choreography,” says Graham Phillips, the 18-year-old star of the appropriately titled indie coming-of-age drama Goats, from first-time director (and the latest scion of the filmmaking Coppola family) Christopher Neil. Phillips stars as Ellis, a struggling teenager who leaves behind his home in Tucson, Arizona, as well as his heavily medicated New Age mother (Vera Farmiga) and the closest thing he has had to a father, a fortysomething stoner-goat herder who lives in their pool house called Goat Man (David Duchovny).

Simon Cowell

August 20, 2011

On the nebulous dark art of identifying those who have “it,” and his own X factor

Nicki Minaj on Lil Wayne

March 25, 2011

At the age of just 28, Lil Wayne has already made an indelible influence on a young generation of rappers. He famously discovered and mentored Nicki Minaj, and taught her how to get really weird. The rest is history, as told to T Cole Rachel and Interview.

Valerie Plame Wilson

October 12, 2010

As a covert CIA operative, Valerie Plame Wilson knew the value in secrets kept. But with a new movie set to hit theaters about the web of smears and betrayals that ended her career, she’s finally ready to talk.

Nicki Minaj

June 2, 2010

The freaky feminine wiles of hip-hop’s busy new Queen bee.