Nicki Minaj’s Star(ship) is Meant to Fly

Just when we were beginning to get tired of Nicki Minaj and her Lady Gaga-ish, priest-dressing Grammy nonsense, she releases a new and exciting track! “Starships,” from Minaj’s upcoming Roman Reloaded album, debuted this morning on Ryan Seacrest. Unlike “Stupid Hoe,” there is no animosity in this song, just dancing, flying starships, and a singing Minaj. Somehow, Ms. Minaj manages to cram every current, popular dance-song element into “Starships,” taking what Britney did with “‘Til the World Ends,” and Rihanna with “We Found Love” to a new extreme. The chorus begins as summer pop and then adds a layer of house beats rather reminiscent of Avicii‘s “Levels.” If all that wasn’t enough to get you “on the floor,” or at least bobbing up and down in your office chair, Minaj frames the chorus with some pounding dub-step. Not something we usually say, but it sort of makes us want to go to Ibiza. Or maybe Mykonos.