The Child of Lov Keeps Us Guessing



The new music video for “Give Me,” the second single from enigmatic outlet The Child of Lov, starts out simply. An MC announces a party going on at Astro’s Dance Club, and a woman in short shorts dances alone on a raised floor. But as the bass picks up, so does the night: ATVs and dirtbikes swirl dust on rural Georgia back roads, and before the yelping chorus starts, the club has filled with people drinking, eating, dancing, and hamming at the camera. Cars do donuts in parking lots, there’s drifting and dropping, and a howling, sneering funk rapture of a melody that twitches, sweats, and pounds with each passing hip shake.

The Child of Lov has not been forthcoming with biographical information, preferring to “let the music stand on its own,” but it is known that his upcoming album will feature collaborations with Damon Albarn, Thundercat, and DOOM, and is coming out of February 26.

Los Angeles directorial team Focus Creeps directed “Give Me,” and their portrayal seems like an invitation to the party, candid and raw—not unlike TCOL’s honest reminiscing of Southern funk history. As for the pineapples—we think they’re a nod to that old symbol of Southern hospitality? Or maybe a Rick Ross reference? (They’re not mutually exclusive.)

[Pitchfork TV]