Soundclouds of the Underground: Dance Different Edition


With an infinite number of websites dedicated to hosting tunes for the laptop-wielding masses, music truly lives online. However, the web’s bottomless pit of blogs isn’t the only place to troll for mp3 treasures—some of the newest and most exciting (Internet-friendly) artists can be sought out via Soundcloud, the online stage that allows musicians to promote and distribute music around the world. In this weekly column, expert Internet sleuth Alex Chapman goes into the depths of the music-sharing site, in hopes of shedding light on emerging acts, as well as sharing some digital diamonds in the rough.


These days every song tailored for the club tends to follow a similar, albeit effective format—the cinematic build, the mighty drop, a decrescendo, another drop, and so on and so on until the turn up is entirely too real. Lucky for us, 2015 seems to be catalyzing a rise of party starters alternative to the current status quo. Below we feature three acts that bring a different flavor to the dancefloor.

K Rizz: “Imagine If” 

Who: NYC underground staple K Rizz seems to be in a state of constant evolution, all the while maintaining a flamboyantly distinct style and sound. The Filipina pop star fuses together a diverse set of influences, such as reggaeton (her flagship anthem “Salbahe“), hip-hop (the hard-rocking “Yes Bitch“), and even nostalgic vocal house (the Real McCoy-esque “Unbothered“). 

The Song: K Rizz’s most recent genre-defying move finds her playing disco diva with “Imagine If,” released by emerging record label Doom Dab, home to SCOTU alums like Jay Boogie and Thurmon Green. The track feels overpoweringly positive, as Kay Rizz’s vocals soar over the happy house babe—”Who knows what tomorrow can bring?” she coos prior to a soulful saxophone riff.

Current Project: Catch K Rizz’s set at Up & Down tonight and keep up with her Salbahe lifestyle on Facebook

Mess Kid: “This Is My City” 

Who: Arguably one of the coolest DJs in the world, Mess Kid’s elusive aesthetic has caught the attention of fashion giants like Alexander Wang, who has had the Detroit-raised talent spin at his soirees. But it’s not just the fashion world that has fallen for the Kid—big-time indie acts like rapper Le1f have taken Mess Kid on the road.

The Song: Mess Kid has been very limited in his release of actual music, so it comes as no surprise that his track “This Is My City” is an intricately constructed club track. As a collaboration with Converse (who gave Mess Kid free reign on their Rubber Tracks Sample Library), Mess Kid employs the sounds of RJD2, The Roots and more to make a butt-bouncing anthem for those who take pride in their town.

Current Project: Stay in the loop on Mess Kid’s upcoming dates and the like via his FB page.  

Charli XCX Ft. Rita Ora: “Doing It” (A.G. Cook Remix) 

Who: At the center of hyper electro-pop collective (and one of the underground’s most talked-about movements in some time) P.C. Music is A.G. Cook, the enigmatic label’s apparent founder who has spread the group’s sound through a number of edits, mixes, and original tracks (like the wonderfully chaotic “Keri Baby” featuring P.C. Music vocalist Hannah Diamond).

The Song: Cook and P.C. Music’s inevitable crossover to the mainstream becomes known with this official remix of Charli XCX and Rita Ora’s run-of-the-mill pop track “Doing It.” While A.G. could’ve taken several roads with the song that many would claim predictable, he goes left in a way that brings the song to a different space entirely, dropping any especially strong production and instead relying on a euphoric synth melody.

Current Project: Keep with all things P.C. Music via their website.  

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