Fame, Dreams, and Romance with Nathy Peluso and Olivier Rousteing

Nathy Peluso wears Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories Balmain.

After emerging from the chaos of Paris Fashion Week, Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing calls up the powerhouse Argentinian pop star Nathy Peluso, who, like the designer, has a problem with her passions getting in the way of love. During the interview, the duo declare their dreams for a better future, and discover that the romance they thought they were missing was there all along.




OLIVIER ROUSTEING: Hello, it’s Olivier. I’m so sorry. I was in the middle of my fashion show and campaign. But finally, we’re together. How are you?

PELUSO: I’m working so much but I’m happy to talk to you.

ROUSTEING: Yeah, it’s so nice.I hope I’m going to see you soon, because every time I see you it’s too quick.

PELUSO: Yes. I would love to go to a party or dinner together.

ROUSTEING: Tell me when you’re coming to Paris!

PELUSO: Of course.

ROUSTEING: By the way, I saw the pictures and you look incredible.

PELUSO: Aw. Thank you. I was wearing a wig because my hair is getting longer and I don’t know what to do with it. But it was quite cool. I love the clothes and I love your brand and your imagination. Working with you is such a pleasure and honor.

ROUSTEING: It’s just the beginning. I love you.

PELUSO: God. Yes! [Laughs]

ROUSTEING: I’m going to start the interview.

PELUSO: I’m ready.

ROUSTEING: So you are super successful. I’ve read and watched so many things about you and I’ve seen how hard you work. Is there anything you have put on hold because of your career, or anything that you regret?

PELUSO: Yes. When you work with this discipline you forget about everything and you just work on your vision. I miss falling in love with someone, seeing more of my family, dedicating more time to my home, but at the same time it’s about choices.


PELUSO: Nowadays, I’m happy with my choices and I’m learning how to balance everything. My own space and my own place has to be okay. That’s the most important thing.

ROUSTEING: It’s so important. Whatever happens in your life, you need to have your comfort zone, your home, your safe space. But love is so important—


ROUSTEING: Sometimes when your passion is so strong you forget about love and friendships and you become lonely. Of course, I know what you’re talking about.

PELUSO: I know you know. [Laughs] Both of us are so passionate.

Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories Balmain.

ROUSTEING: The second question is about the word “fame.” Are you scared of it or does it excite you?

PELUSO: I started off being so unknown, nowadays it’s natural because it was a slow progression.

ROUSTEING: Step by step.

PELUSO: Yes. When you become famous de un dia para el otro, sometimes it’s like como que te atragantas.


PELUSO: It’s natural for me and I’m so fucking ready to be more famous. But it’s not about fame for me, it’s about being able to make music and communicate my message. For me the fame is just un reflejo de estar cumpliendo con mi funcion.

ROUSTEING: Yeah, it’s a reflection of your vision.

PELUSO: That’s right.

ROUSTEING: Because in your music your vision is clear. It’s about breaking boundaries, pushing for a better world, better mentalities, and just being stronger. That’s why we all love you, because you aren’t scared. You’re saying things that most people wouldn’t

PELUSO: Thank you Olivier. It’s so important what you are saying because all those strong feelings are so natural for me. When I go on the stage and see the people’s reactions, I start recognizing myself, too. It’s about the journey. Fame is just a reflection, but it’s not what I’m looking for. I’m just looking to spread the message—and maybe buy a house.

ROUSTEING: I’m sure with all the incredible songs and incredible messages and all the supportive people that you have around you, it’s not one house that you will have, but many around the world.

PELUSO: [Laughs] I love you.

ROUSTEING: How do you describe your sound and your style?

PELUSO: This is always a difficult question for me because I’m not really sure what my style is. I’m always looking for new feelings, for new sounds. My new album sounds a lot different from the music I made last year and last year was different than other years. It’s la fusion de los sonidos. I started with Black music, but now I am looking around the world. I’m producing my own songs and it’s going crazy for me. I’m not segura de lo que estoy haciendo.

ROUSTEING: Can I tell you something?

PELUSO: Yes, of course.

ROUSTEING: I’ve followed you since the beginning, and however your style and sound changes, the common point is your strength and your passion to express your vision. If there is one word that I would use to describe you, it’s “strong.”

PELUSO: I appreciate that because my strength is a really important part of me, and I don’t want to talk about this a lot, but being a woman in this industry is really difficult.When people say, “No, this is not cool, this is not working.” I always stay true to myself. When I go to the stage, I feel that power coming from inside. I don’t own that power. It’s from another place. I’m connected to something.

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ROUSTEING: That’s what we call talent. It’s a voice inside that you express without knowing.


ROUSTEING: I saw you onstage in videos and I have to say, you don’t act like a singer. You act like a superhero.

PELUSO: I love it. I don’t want to act normal. I just want to go crazy and express myself in the ways I really need.

ROUSTEING: I’m sure. I wanted to ask if you have seen any changes through the years and people acting differently with you now that you are really successful?

PELUSO: Yes. Nowadays, I have a small circle of friends and la mayoría son de mi equipo de trabajo. Some people aren’t ready to understand lo que conlleva mantener esta, this career. But I think all those experiences tell you what you need. You have to surround yourself with people who really care about you. When I’m touring it’s difficult to maintain relationships because you are so fucking busy. When people understand that, the love becomes real.

ROUSTEING: Definitely. Who did you have on your bedroom walls when you were a kid? Who were you dreaming about?

PELUSO: I was obsessed with Latin pop. I was obsessed with Thalía, with Chayenne, with Ricky Martin

ROUSTEING: I love it!

PELUSO: Christina Aguilera, I was so connected with my Latin roots at that age. When I became a teenager, I started listening to Notorious B.I.G. and rap. I discovered jazz and Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, the classics. I was obsessed with them.

INTERVIEW: Sorry to interrupt. Nathy has to leave pretty soon, but I think she has some questions for you.

ROUSTEING: Okay, Nathy, go for it.

PELUSO: Yes baby. What was your first fashion memory?

ROUSTEING: Okay. It was my first fashion show. You know when you create a song? There’s a difference between singing in the studio and being onstage, right?


ROUSTEING: I think my first real fashion memory isn’t creating my collection, but the day of my first fashion show, when I saw all of the models walking. I was so scared.

PELUSO: [Laughs]

ROUSTEING: Shoes were broken, all those little things. And then another big fashion memory was going on the runway and having Anna Wintour watching me under the spotlight. I knew that was the beginning of my career.

PELUSO: Wow, Anna Wintour looking at you. [Laughs] It’s such a good memory.

ROUSTEING: Yeah, that was one of my most scary memories.

PELUSO: I’d lose my pussy. [Laughs] Okay, what is your process of conceptualizing a piece of clothing?Because I’ve seen your career, and I know you are working within universes. Tell me about that.

Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories Balmain.

ROUSTEING: I’ve never created a collection just to make beautiful clothes. You have your music to express who you are and I have the same with my clothes. Every collection that I do, it’s about an expression of my emotions. My women and my men, they almost wear armor. They’re like soldiers in the sense that they’re going to fight for a better world. And I’m always doing beautiful embroideries because it’s a fight for love, not war. It’s a fight to express your freedom.

PELUSO: I felt it when I went to your big show in Paris, do you remember that one?


PELUSO: I felt so many emotions. That was not only fashion. That was art. And I really appreciate all the casting, all the people involved. I see your vision and it’s really, really special.

ROUSTEING: Thank you. And coming from you—

PELUSO: You’re a huge star.

ROUSTEING: Thank you, Nathy.

PELUSO: I want to ask you the last question.


PELUSO: Have you got time to fall in love?

ROUSTEING: My passion is fashion. I would say that I’m dedicating one hundred percent of my life to what I create. I would love to fall in love. But as you mentioned, when you start to get famous, it’s really hard to trust the people that you’re surrounded by. I’m in my comfort zone when I’m working and dreaming. At the end of the day, what makes me happy is my passion. And maybe tomorrow I will be, but I’ve never been in love with someone.

PELUSO: We are artists, we have the power to fall in love with so many things. There is not just romantic love.

ROUSTEING: Exactly. I don’t miss love. Because I have a lot of love. And today, I have your love, and you have mine.

PELUSO: Let’s get married.

ROUSTEING: Okay, I’m coming with the ring.

PELUSO: Yes. Just design me the dress for the wedding.

ROUSTEING: Oh, thank you Nathy. It was such a nice interview and a really great moment together.

PELUSO: Thank you so much. I’m sorry for my English. It’s shit. But I’m improving.

ROUSTEING: It’s the most exciting English I’ve ever heard.

PELUSO: Congrats on everything. You’re a fucking star, baby.

ROUSTEING: You are, my love. Have a great day.

Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories Balmain.


Hair: Rubén Mármol using L’Oréal Pro at Kasteel Artist Management

Makeup: Sandro Igon

Photography Assistant: Sam Adrian Marstone

On-Set Production: Edu Lozano at This Is Simple Productions

Location: Tuset Studios