Exclusive Track Premiere: ‘Don’t You Cry For Me,’ Cobi

Having previously fronted the Boston-based indie band Gentlemen Hall, Cobi Mike decided to release music as a solo artist under his only his first name in 2014. Since then, he has only released two singles, “Walking Through Fire” and “First Snow,” but here we’re pleased to premiere his third, “Don’t You Cry For Me.” Cobi’s melodic and expansive voice opens the song, crooning “Oh, got my hands tied around my back / And time put a rope around my neck / Hung from the rafters of my fear / Dark in the eyes / I try to face the world,” atop a perfect balance of mesmerizing synths and constant percussion.

When talking about “Don’t You Cry For Me,” the musician, who is signed to 300 Entertainment, says it was inspired by “that feeling of falling to my knees and crying with regret of the mistakes made in the past, and the redemption that comes from grieving all that’s been lost.”

Listeners can clearly hear the pain that resounds in his yearning voice, although it is a pain topped with feelings of hopefulness and perseverance. Aptly ending the track with the lyric, “Oh, don’t you cry for me,” Cobi says, “The vulnerability of ‘Don’t You Cry For Me’ is a definite reflection of me as an artist. I draw from pain, guilt, fear, love, and hope for inspiration.”