Exclusive Song Premiere: ‘Shut Tha Fuck Down!,’ FROGG (Flosstradamus Remix)


Calling rave music a “resurgence” or a “throw-back” no longer makes sense. The infection caused by old school dance music, with tweaked bass and breakbeat-oriented beats has reached critical mass. But this isn’t glowsticks and glitter: this new electronic movement comes loaded with plenty of grit.

British group FROGG recalls nouveau-electro acts like Santigold and Little Dragon on their newest single, “Shut Tha Fuck Down!” (It’s available for download at their Facebook page.) As the title might suggest, songstress Mills spits fire instead of messages of peace and unity, adding a backbone to the dreamy synth atmosphere. For those looking for a new late-night anthem, here’s an exclusive preview of the the acid-flavored remix done by Chicago duo Flosstradamus. The track, debuting today, swaps FROGG’s downtempo dub for—what else—a rave sound, like those perfected by fellow dance-heritage Brits Orbital or Future Sound Of London. The sound, the fashion, and the venues have thankfully grown up, but that ’90s-flavored, fist-pumping giddiness will simply never get old.