Exclusive Song Premiere: ‘I Heard About You Last Night,’ Mogwai (Color Therapy Remix)


We’ll admit, we don’t know a whole lot about Color Therapy: despite having corresponded with the ambient electronic artist personally to iron out the details of this very post, we still haven’t learned his name. But his nom de laptop of choice provides some context, anyway: color therapy is an alternative-medicine practice that attempts to calm balance the body’s energy using different hues of light. Its effects are also entirely psychosomatic: in essence, any positive effects of chromotherapy are created by the beliefs of the person undergoing it, rather than the one administering it. “I make music in order to perceive and process and question everything around me, converting impulse to inspiration,” the producer explains.

We’d urge you to keep all that in mind as you give a listen to Color Therapy’s official remix of Mogwai’s “Heard About You Last Night,” a cut from the post-rock titans’ new album Rave Tapes. “As a great admirer of Mogwai, I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to remix this song. The idea was to marry the haunting guitar motifs that Mogwai construct so beautifully with the overdriven beat-heavy nature of Color Therapy,” he explains. We certainly feel better balanced after listening to it.