Get Out’s Daniel Kaluuya picks his 10 favorite British songs of 2017

Fun fact about Daniel Kaluuya: his music taste is better than yours. In between starring in a little movie called Get Out (2017), in which he played the hapless victim of his girlfriend’s nightmarish family, and filming a major role in the forthcoming superhero epic Black Panther (due out in 2018), the breakout British actor spent the year jamming to the finest music his country had to offer. Now he’s selected his ten favorite tracks of 2017 for us, ranging from J Hus’s exuberant hits to London anthems from Giggs and Stormzy.

“Shade,” IAMDDB

DANIEL KALUUYA: Probably the last song of the year that I couldn’t stop playing, this song makes me want to get Ubers for no reason. My current account tells me not to.

“The Essence,” Giggs

KALUUYA: This is the realest. Giggs is the realest. The Mayor of London delivers another classic.

“Did You See,” J Hus

KALUUYA: Due to this song I’ve been looking into the cheapest way to turn up to a rave in a black Benz and leave in a white one, no luck yet.

“Leave Me,” J Hus

KALUUYA: “I know an arm robber, used to be a shoplifter
Now me and him got beef, and we no longer speak
Still walk his nan across the street
Still put that motherfucker in a body bag
Still help his mother with her shopping bags”

…we all have that one friend.

“Ruler,” Giggs

KALUUYA: “Man had to kick the door. Man wasn’t supposed to knock.” Mood of 2017 and life to be honest.

“Question Time,” Dave

KALUUYA: Post-Brexit, Post-May, Post-Corbyn, Post-Grenfell. Dave articulates everything I’ve been thinking about British politics in a 7 minute song.

“21 Gun Salute,” Stormzy feat. Wretch 32

KALUUYA: Favourite song on Stormzy’s album, Wretch singing makes too much sense. Had this on loop for the whole of March.

“Skeng,” Geovarn feat. Belly Shalin

KALUUYA: This song makes me want to buy a Vauxhall Astra, speed down Tottenham High Road and illegally double park outside a barber shop just to find out he’s double booked my appointment.

“No Don,” Lotto Boyz

KALUUYA: Birmingham and 2017’s response to “Back Then” by Mike Jones. Addictive tune. That drop.

“No Love,” Donae’o

KALUUYA: Donae’o is too cold, he’s been dropping bangers since 2000. My favourite song on his latest mixtape, surprised it didn’t catch on more.

“Mean It In The Morning,” Loyle Carner

KALUUYA: The flow. The beat. The pockets. The bars. You can also feel he’s just getting started.